So, what do we really see when we look under the Clouds???


Cloud computing has enabled many of the advantages such as economies  of scale, reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies.  These   benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. The “big win” of cloud computing, is that we can now conduct computing in a truly   ‘distributed’ manner.  So, why is this exciting and/or important?

Firstly, data is no longer strictly stored behind firewalls.  Data is open and more easily accessible. This has enabled us to conduct “real- time analytics,” or what you will hear me call “Edge Analytics.” This in turn shifts our attention to real time search and analytics (a better and   ‘immediate’ understanding of our data, and focus away from consolidating distributed data (reverse distribution).

Real-time edge analytics will yield critical and timely information. It is a far better use of our IT staff and capabilities.  Our ability to gain timely information from globally distributed data is why we started  distributed computing to begin with, so why not do it right? This of   course leads to inter-enterprise data sharing, a topic which I will   discuss in a later blog.

Secondly, in addition to lowering the firewalls and opening up IT, we   now have large numbers of applications which in the past were massive proprietary software systems (monoliths) running behind firewalls. Now these applications are offered as Software (or Application)-as-a-  Service.  Today, we can provision hardware, configure and access   Databases, run a variety of software and applications via the   internet with great ease, simplicity and without the cost and overhead. We can provision applications when and as needed, with enormously heightened productivity.

Thirdly, as a result of the above, we can now focus our attention on   “innovation” and start using computing as ‘computing’ was intended   to be deployed, rather than a mega IT intensive effort. Imagine what it would   be like if a 1000 person IT department in a large company would focus   on real-time analytics, enhanced knowledge about their respective data   and refining applications to conduct their respective businesses   better?!

Far better access to information, innovation and real-time edge analytics is what I see when I look under the clouds….

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