It is with great pleasure that today we launch the Linda Bernardi website and blog. I look forward to connecting and communicating with you regarding technology, strategy, investment, leadership and more…

In building this site, my collaborators and I came up with a tagline that succinctly captures my roles in leadership, disruption and innovation. As I look back over the years and reflect upon my extensive involvement in the business and technology world, be it as an entrepreneur starting up a technology company; an innovator shaping emerging technology strategies; a leadership speaker and student; as an advisor to companies; as a board member of not-for-profit organizations; and as investor, I find this tagline true to my heart and reflective of how I approach all my activities.

For the first component, we can not always build upon what is in place, rather, we need to have the courage and passion to challenge and disrupt the status quo. Whether in matters relating to leadership paradigms, in technology innovation, in strategic approaches or virtually in anything that matters to you, give yourself the opportunity and permission to question what currently exists, and if not great, allow yourself to disrupt in order to improve. In technology, major innovations only happens when we challenge, disrupt and introduce new possibilities. This not only applies in science and technology, but in all disciplines in life. We will talk much more about this topic in leadership, innovation and other blog posts.

Secondly, once we disrupt, we are ready and able to create change and innovate. This is perhaps is the most fantastic outcome of disruption. New ideas on how to solve existing situations in all venues. As an entrepreneur in my technology strategy business we are constantly pushing the edges of new possibilities and innovation. Sometimes innovation is difficult as it means the current systems need to change. In leadership, we can innovate in how we approach leadership and orchestration of talent, which in turn allows us to take the present into consideration and build for the future. You can read more about this in the technology tab of this site. To not innovate in almost anything we do, implies that we do not embrace change and future possibilities. And change is most definitely an inevitable reality in both life and in business, so why no embrace and allow ourselves to innovate?!

And thirdly, is a genuine passion and desire to lead and work closely with other leaders to assure genuine success. Why wait for things to happen, why not lead??? I believe that we are leaders by nature, it is a matter of how much we choose to exercise our leadership capabilities. Too often, individuals wait to receive affirmation of their leadership potential/status from others. However, we are fully capable of taking on leadership in whatever matters to us. Imagine what would happen if you chose to lead instead of follow? Or worst yet, waiting to follow other leaders, who may not be as good as you are? While there are many competing philosophies on leadership, what is important is what ‘you’ believe is your potential and how to achieve and exceed the impossible! For more thoughts about leadership, please click on the leadership tab on this site.

So let’s begin this journey and lead, disrupt and innovate together…

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