AR/VR Resistance. Why?

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One thing is for sure: Anytime there is disruption, there is resistance. That is what we talk a lot about in my book ProVoke. I remember when I had my RFID Company (ConnecTerra Inc. in Cambridge, MA) and demonstrators were outside the doors because they thought RFID invaded their privacy (which of course it does not, as it requires a reader in the vicinity)! I also remember Google Glass not getting the warm reception it deserved because people simply resisted and reacted negatively. How dare we change the PC paradigm from a desktop setup to an eyeglass?! It will NEVER work!

First, let’s establish the baseline that resistance is the first reaction to any/all major technology disruption.

Second, often it is the case that a lack of proper information about the technology fuels this resistance. I have spoken to countless people who are very negative about AR/VR gear and yet have never actually tried one on! How can you dislike something or reject an idea if you have not experienced it?

And third, with time resistance gives way to adoption. AR/VR is one such case.

As someone who has tried almost all AR/VR gear on the market, I love the potential! Like any initial prototype, the form factor is clumsy, heavy, and awkward. Something from a sci-fi movie! But we are seeing the gear become lighter and more usable. In three years, I have seen remarkable change in the gear, user interface, clarity of the display, and ease of interaction.

Also, working in a truly three dimensional space is something new. After all, you are not looking at a two dimensional world, rather existing in a three dimensional world. So that takes a bit of getting used to. But once this happens, the magic is amazing! Imagine the possibilities in technology, healthcare, gaming, training, architecture, and much, much more…

Think about the very first portable laptop. More like the first portable big brick computer. Remember how heavy and awkward it was and how little it did for us? Remember the very first cell phone? Fast forward two decades and voilà! Look at your tiny mobile device that is an uber computer! Look at how not only the look and feel have changed, but how this technology has changed your life. AR/VR is on this road, so let’s embrace, not reject, it and imagine the possibilities together.

In my upcoming pieces, I want to talk with you about AR/VR, the connected-world, robotics, 3D printing and more, and how the two are merging beautifully. Stay tuned!

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