Data Science Is Not AI and It Is Not Machine Learning

Data Science is not AI and it is not Machine Learning: Here is what I am thinking about AI and the enterprise: 1. Almost on a daily basis I am meeting with, reached out by and running into companies that are calling themselves AI and Machine Learning companies. Almost none are . Almost all are amped-up Data Science companies. None want to be called data science companies any more! 2. So, here is the scoop: finding patterns in large amounts of data, building re-usable libraries of patterns/trends (code), building a data science practice (no matter how elaborate), applying client 1 code to client 2, is different that deploying true AI. 3. Running your basic code on NVIDIA gear is not AI. NVIDIA is deeply reshaping AI in a major way! The key is if the machine (algorithm) is independently finding patters, is it thinking, is it processing? If no (which is most often the case in the current slew of companies) then that is not AI. It is not machine learning, unless the algorithm is learning on its own, iterating, improving, predicting. I love the energy and opportunity, but I want to see AI succeed in the enterprise. Come to my fireside chat with Danny Lange next week at IoT World for a true (busting the myths) about AI and machine learning…Totally hope to see you there! Read the full conversation on LinkedIn

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