Below are a few Hot Topics to brainstorm together:



Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and most importantly, how to incorporate these technologies into the operations of large enterprises.  How will AI impact enterprise operations? Which startups and how will they bring significant impact/value to enterprises? As well as how to achieve maximum impact via collaboration with academia and research institutions. Click to read my AI articles. 

Internet of Things on Black-Golden Watch Face.


We are rapidly evolving from today's standard IoT-enbled world (things on the internet) to a world of hyper-connectivity enabled by Intelligent IoT . This is far beyond enabling our devices to connect to the internet. What is the necessary architecture to enable intelligent IoT architecture?  What is next after Intelligent IoT? The Inversion Factor discusses the key properties and architecture of the evolution of IoT and how enterprises need to adapt and change in order to succeed. Click to read my IoT articles.

Connect Everywhere Connected Drones Technology Concept

Connected World

Connected Vehicles, drones, fitbits, sensors, clothing, healthcare, fintech and much more. We need to look at the integration and interoperability of this new hyper-connected world. What will the future with billions of connected things look like and how can we make sure it moves in the right direction?  It is critical that we build a mindful and effective connected world rather than an opportunistic and random connected world! Click to read my Connected World articles. 

Cyber security concept,Network security with padlock on screen


The emerging hyper-connected world is going to have significant Security and Privacy considerations beyond the scale we have ever experienced before. Not only are things connected to an end point, but things are connected to each other, resulting in the largest number of potentially 'hackable' entry points we have ever encountered in compute history. We need to plan and mindfully address security and privacy considerations in the hyper connected world.

Ideas Creative Creativity Critical Thinking Innovation Concept


To disrupt and innovate requires a new culture. In ProVoke I unpack the Culture of Disruption (CofD), explaining how to work through resistances to change in order to innovate. In The Inversion Factor, we go deep into the elements of enterprise culture which needs to be disrupted in order to succeed in Inversion and achieve an agile and productive Needs-First vs Products-First mindset. Enterprise cultures are top-down, highly structured and resistant to change. Without culture change we cannot succeed, no matter how advanced our technology and innovation path may be. The Culture + Innovation + Technology Triangle is discussed in detail in The Inversion Factor. Click to read articles on Culture.

Replacement Of Humans By Machines


Automation and Robotics are NOT new topics. What is different today and what is the mass scale and trajectory ahead for robotics and automation in the intelligent connected world?  In addition to technology, what are the social, moral & awareness responsibilities we have towards mindfully planning automation and robotics moving forward?

Business, Technology, Internet And Network Concept. Young Busine

Business Model

To succeed in the hyper-connected AI enabled world, business models for companies have to shift from a 'product-centric' mindset to a 'needs-centric' mindset. How to architect new products driven by and predicted off of needs -rather than product features. I call this-- INVERSION-- in my second book, The Inversion Factor.  Customer experience and meeting/exceeding customer expectations are the key drivers for designing offerings based on 'needs-first' rather than 'product-centric' approaches. Inversion is and will continue to impact all large enterprises- requiring new thinking and architecture. Click to read articles on Business Model. 

Mindset Belief Discipline Experience Knowledge Concept


Mindsets need to radically shift in the Inverted world. We need to look at building things to meet & exceed consumer expectations versus continuing to build versions of the same product. This mindset shift requires fearlessness and risk taking appetite.  In The Inversion Factor we discuss the key elements in our mindset that we need to change to be able to think freely and openly about possibilities, even when these lead us to building very 'different' products and offerings. Click to read my articles on Mindsets.

Science concept: Quantum Computation on computer keyboard backgr

Quantum Computing

What is it and why does it matter?   Some consider it a decade away and some argue it will be available for mass consumption in the new few years.  What we do know is that the scale of 'data' which we will need to analyze and understand in the mega future hyper connected world, will need computing of the scale of Quantum Computing. But we still have a ways to go. I look forward to great conversations with the leading minds in QC to understand the what/how/when and why of Quantum Computing as it is becoming a key consideration in the emerging highly compute intensive and hyper connected world.

Branding Related Words And Brain Concept.


Brand is the product and the trust relationship between consumers and product producers. How is Brand evolving in the new 'needs-centric' world and how can we leverage brand to build completely different products? How can brand hurt us or help us is an exciting topic which we will explore. Click to read articles on Brand.