The Immersion of Things

Following my blog post of last week about why IoT is hot now and the link between IoT and AI, as promised, here is further discussion.

In The Inversion Factor,  we see a clear progress in IoT from Things, to IoT , to The Intelligence of Things, followed by The Immersion of Things. Today we are somewhere between IoT and Intelligence of Things. Most things are connected and interconnected and becoming more and more intelligent.  True intelligence of things will happen when all things know how to interoperate independently & intelligently, when devices talk to each other and achieve optimum function via intelligence. Here is where we start seeing AI come in.

In the 4th phase of things, we see the Immersion of Things as the ultimate goal. Where not only devices are highly intelligent, but also now start autonomously and intelligently recruiting other devices, to achiever key set of goals and objectives. This is where we will see AI playing a key role. In the future hyper-connected world, you can imagine why immersion is key, as there will be billions of devices needing to connect and intelligently and independently interoperate.

In order to succeed in this IoT progression, we had to uncover a new Design Language and new set of architectural components to enable us to make this into reality. In my upcoming blogs I will discuss the core of our design language and new architecture.  It is a delight to share all of this with you in our new book, The Inversion Factor.  More on these elements in my next post, as we uncover how AI plays in the world of IoT.

Also, important to note that  I am putting these ideas to test in working large enterprises today. It is a thrill to see that we seem to have identified the right architecture and core components for the future of AI enabled IoT, as we approach the immersion of things!

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