LeBron & Curry – Great Athletes But More Importantly Great Leaders

This week as we all watch Game 1 of the playoffs between the Cavs and GSW, one thing is certain: We will be watching LeBron and Curry make magic.

In sports like in business, it is all about HOW you lead, set the pace, lead by example and make the impossible become possible. Yes, these two athletes are superb players but their strength is not just in how many points they score individually, but the team-impact-effect they have!

I love watching them play because they go all out, score and are outstanding. But then something more important happens: they get the team out of the funk- create and maintain the momentum, and LeBron’s continuous smile says to the team: We are in this. We got this. Let’s make it happen together.

A successful business is one that the CEO plays like LeBron and Curry. Highly involved and hands on. Inspiring the company at all times and showing that after failure – success is an absolutely possible.

Sitting in ivory towers, blocked from employees, sending corporate mandates and memos are old school, ineffective and leadership-by-fear is absolutely outdated and ineffective.

In business just like in sports we need: mindful leadership, a vision for winning & great inspiration! Enjoy Game 1.

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