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LindaBernardi200x300Linda Bernardi is an author, technology provocateur, entrepreneur/ex-CEO, strategist, investor, lecturer and board member. These combined functions enables Linda to have a true global perspective regarding cutting edge innovation around the globe.

Linda’s Brief Bio

  • Author:
    ProVoke, released November 2011, discusses the critical importance of global disruption in order to Innovate.
  • Provocateur and strategist:
    Linda’s technology strategy firm , StraTerra Partners, since 2009 has been engaged with large enterprises and in her role as strategic advisor, Linda advises and works with clients in major changes in innovation strategy and adoption of new innovations.
  • Entrepreneur:
    Linda’s core expertise and passion lies in Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and changes brought about the digital/social media. In as such, Linda functions as an entrepreneur in introducing new technologies in these areas to the market. Linda founded and ran her company ConnecTerra Inc in Cambridge, MA. In 2001 which was acquired in 2005, as the leading software company in the RFID arena.
  • Investor:
    In addition to being an angel investor throughout the US, Linda is one of the very few (only female) in the India Angel Network, invests in Asia as well as Europe, hence has real time and unique awareness of innovation stemming from other continents.
  • Lecturer:
    In Feb 2012, ProVoke was the textbook offered at University of Washington Bothell MBA program and Linda taught the course titled: Disruption Innovation & Innovation-based leadership to the 2nd year MBA students.
  • Board member:
    Linda serves as board chair, member, advisor in a number of tech companies as well as not for profits globally.

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Provoke Q&A with Linda

1. Why did I write ProVoke?

  • Super important: I believe that people prefer not to be idle but to use their creative capacities to the fullest.
  • I love working with people and organizations from around the globe.
  • I have a passion for innovative thinking and see the need for it growing, not shrinking.
  • I have found the level of complacency among employees of large companies to be extremely distressing
  • I’m distressed by the West’s lack of awareness of how much innovation is taking place in so-called “developing” countries. The U.S. doesn’t have a corner on the market anymore, and we’d better wake up to that.
  • We are only using a very small fraction of our intellectual capacity in our jobs. Vision and inspiration are disappearing. Companies need to change that, to fully leverage their people. Otherwise, 99% of people are collecting paychecks, nothing more.
  • Disruption produces innovation, as long as there’s a plan. We must disrupt the established way of doing things in order to see how we can innovate. I want to take the reader on that journey.
  • I want to show readers how vital it is not to cling to legacy businesses. In the long run, they are doomed.
  • I want to remind people of the talents and abilities that they bring into the workforce, because so often we get in a corporate environment and forget.

2. What are the key concepts in ProVoke?

  • Unless the reader is willing to get uncomfortable, change won’t happen. ProVoke invites this discomfort!
  • The Culture of Disruption, or CofD. This is the culture that invites and nurtures ideas and ways of thinking that continually disrupt convention wisdom and legacy models. A CofD needs to be part of any organization looking to innovate.
  • The Ecosystem of Disruption: All the stakeholders impacted by innovation—Investors, Board of Directors, Employees, Academia, Entrepreneurs, Media and Customers.
  • The 5 Ps that determine the success or failure of an acquisition: Purpose, Plan, Personality, Players, and Panic
  • The 3 Is–Inspiration, Impact and Innovation in the CofD
  • Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur and an agent of innovation, no matter the size of the company they work for.
  • All constituents of the Ecosystem of Disruption are responsible for future innovation.

3. Who is the audience for ProVoke?

  • First of all, employees, especially those in technology. I want them to rediscover their inner creative fire.
  • Second, entrepreneurs. There’s a kind of “cult of the entrepreneur” in the U.S. that’s taken us away from the essentials that entrepreneurs need to remember: mainly that a great idea isn’t enough. You need to know how to build teams, develop your idea and bring it to market. Hoping to be bought by Google is not a business plan.
  • Third, investors. The way venture capital firms throw money at startups today is destroying the passion for innovation and risk taking. That needs to change.
  • Fourth, boards of directors. I really go after them in this book, and given the recent headlines about corporate blunders, it’s justified. We need to rethink the structure and role of boards, and this is my shot across the bow in that regard.
  • I think anyone in business or university can benefit from this book. A college freshman read it and told me, “Wow! I’d rather know this before I start my education!”
  • I have 15-year-olds reading ProVoke and 89-year-old reading it.

4. What is the call to action with ProVoke?

  • Every reader and audience participant for my talks receives a membership card making them members of the CofD.
  • I welcome reader discomfort (which is almost always the initial reaction to what I say), almost always followed by inspiration and out of the box thinking.
  • All of us want to do things of consequence. As intelligent people we have the ability. Why not use it? This book invites readers to tap that potential.
  • Ask questions. Find ways to make things better. Don’t settle for doing the 50th iteration of a Facebook advertising application when you can do something that keeps you awake for days at a time and might change the world.
  • The primary call to action is for people to become comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable—to get them to a place where always upending the conventional and finding new ways to do things is routine and seen as beneficial. In true Culture of Disruption, there are no sacred cows, and smart, daring risk is always rewarded, even if it ends in failure.

5. What is next after ProVoke?

  • I am already doing lectures speeches around the world based on this material, and that will continue.
  • I will be teaching a course in university MBA programs—Technology Innovation Leadership—based on ProVoke. I expect that to grow.
  • Keynotes at conferences.
  • Extended corporate workshops, which are in discussion right now.
  • Bringing the Culture of Innovation and Disruption to companies
  • Writing a follow-up book in 2012 which will likely be based on onsite case studies of companies in various stages of disruption and innovation.
  • To change the world, one person, one company at a time!

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