Provoke: Why the Global Culture of Disruption is the Only Hope for Innovation

Provoke- Linda BernardiBig Data analytics and predictive analytics, cloud computing, the social enterprise—none of these world-changing innovations would have come to pass without a “culture of disruption” that allowed fertile minds to challenge conventional wisdom and boldly bring new technologies to light.

In Provoke, entrepreneur and “innovation provocateur” Linda Bernardi reveals the hate and denial with which organizations of all sizes approach provocative, disruptive ideas—and why embracing this discomfort and anxiety is the only path to true innovation, consistent growth and long-term prosperity.

In this lean, engaging book, Linda (an outspoken pioneer in fields from RFID to databases to digital marketing) shatters common misconceptions about business and innovation in order to reveal some startling truths:

  • All organizations, no matter how seemingly enlightened, react to the idea of disruption with rage, fear, denial and rejection
  • Disruption through acquisition is impossible
  • Access to big money and the drive to build startups for the purpose of being acquired is destroying innovation

Most important, in Provoke Linda asserts that only by creating a collaborative, global “culture of disruption,” in which provocative questions and creative destruction are nurtured and encouraged at all levels of the chain of command, can organizations maintain the innovative fire that ultimately leads to excellence.  In other words, if you want to be successful, get ready to be uncomfortable.

Provoke Review:

Linda Bernardi, a successful tech entrepreneur, was not satisfied with only being one of the drivers in connecting data and analytics with physical devices through RFID. Ms. Bernardi saw the forest, not just the trees. She saw wave of new information technologies that would not only revolutionize the way that devices are built and used, but the very way in which innovation is practiced. Large scale, vertically integrated organizations were not capitalizing on the network of technologies and the rethinking they offered – instead, Linda saw the world as it was: big companies were stagnating. So she went a step further – she studied the root causes.

The result is Provoke – an urgent, cogent, passionate, well-supported yet accessibly-written treatise on what creates innovations and the essential elements of their leadership – Linda Bernardi, with “Bernardi’s Rules,” has crafted a framework that is both validated and useful. She recites disparate facts around case studies that span several industries and continents, then combines them in a holistic model system for innovation, the Culture of Disruption, that should be required reading for anyone trying to develop new technology.

The differences in cultures between large and small organizations is effectively, and often very humorously, conveyed. But Bernardi avoids facile stereotyping, and provides well researched yet personal insights on effective and ineffective organizations and leadership, of all sizes. She also effectively shows that large organizations can remain innovative, by maintaining a Culture of Disruption.

She also knows whereof she speaks – an experienced entrepreneur and consultant herself, Bernardi has lived and taught in the environments that she describes. No punches are pulled – Bernardi is frank in critiquing both large and small organizational behaviors, but also offers practical, actionable guidance on how to upend ineffective structures – and the hard work require to do so.

The book wraps all of these findings into two final chapters describing the innovation ecosystem, with a call to arms to dismantle barriers to rational, fresh thinking. This clear, provocative and well-supported treatise will not only be of enormous use to players within each sector, but also for those who are, and must, interact with all of them.

I highly recommend the book.

Ann Marie Sastry, Ph.D.
CEO and co-Founder, Sakti3

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Below watch a video describing the disruption in Big Data and Analytics and ProVoke.


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