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Why do women shy away from being investors?

We have a huge problem folks… We simply don’t have enough women investors in hi-tech and startups as a whole around the globe. Why not? Let me start off by saying that ‘women’ are the larger demographic ‘purchasers’ globally. Women are constantly making purchase decisions and very involved in making global ‘buy’ decisions. I was…

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Does IPO Stand for “Irresponsibly Promoted Obscenity”?

Groupon postponed its IPO.  No surprise. The company, once a darling, retreated when investors raised serious questions about its earnings. Now it’s in pre-IPO quiet period again, so it seems to be a good time to discuss this. We are playing a dangerous game with IPOs today, possibly one more dangerous than the pre-burst gold…

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Let’s put the “Venture” back in Venture Capitolist!

Venture capitalists, angel investors, and other seekers of opportunity are why we have a healthy culture of investing in innovation and embracing disruption. About 25 years ago, sitting at the San Jose airport, I met a man who turned out to be one of Silicon Valley’s pioneer VCs: Bill Draper. I was impressed with Bill,…

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