Linda’s vision over the last 20 years has focused on disrupting current states of technology in enterprise IT, and implement massive new innovations in many dimensions of technology. Much of her focus has centered around getting ‘real time’ information from large scale distributed data for the purpose of ‘improving’ processes at many different vertical industries.

As CEO in 2001, her vision created one of the leading companies to integrate RFID technology into enterprise IT, allowing for realtime integration with large scale distributed data. Her current focus as of 2008 revolves around formulating a vision for Cloud Computing deployment that transcends simple economies of scale and flexibility, into creating the next paradigm of enterprise compute. She and her team are developing this emerging architecture and working closely with global clients across various verticals. She is also focused on the emerging concepts of Real Time Search and Data Analytics in large, distributed, unstructured, and multi-form data. She is in the midst of introducing and propagating the concept and extreme value of ‘Edge Analytics’ and the many changes brought about by the effective design and deployment of cloud computing. In as such, Linda invests, advises and works closely with the newest emerging start-ups who are going to dramatically change and improve the landscape of our computing capabilities.

For more information regarding Linda’s technology work, please see the StraTerra Partners website.


Leaders are not born, but developed. We destroy the myth that “some people are born leaders.”

Each of us has core leadership abilities within ourselves. That core is defined and fueled by the individual’s desire to succeed and grow.

To become a true leader, we must understand ourselves and abandon the many fears which hold us back. How do we achieve this?

Linda works closely with different dimensions of an organization to uncover all the various talents and help orchestrate the organization towards success. Recognizing the talent pools, how to bring about stronger collaborations, bridging global, cultural and age barriers in large distributed virtual organizations allowing for stronger seamless operations is one of the many focuses of the Bernardi Leadership Institute.

Linda’s many years of working in large enterprises as well as founding start-ups and working/managing large teams across the globe, enables her to recognize the talent across the virtual teams as well as how to bring about highly effective goal-oriented collaboration. Linda is focused on ‘orchestration’ as the new theme for leadership and delighted to discuss this concept with you in detail.

To learn more about Linda’s work in leadership, please visit the Bernardi Leadership Institute.


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