Provoke Methodology Workbook Following the release of ProVoke last year, Linda released the ProVoke Methodology, which is the “How to ProVoke” manual for starting the journey of disruption and innovation. Linda has perfected this methodology over the last 20 years and continues to do refine it daily while working with the leading fortune 1000 companies who are deeply and genuinely interesting in bringing more meaningful innovation capacity to their respective companies. Innovation is about the successful introduction of new products into the market. The journey of disruption to innovation is covered in the steps of the ProVoke Methodology.

The training courses can be custom designed to meet the needs each client and to maximize the innovation capacity and dialogue. A subset of the steps involved in the ProVoke Methodology include:

1) How to work through the stages of resistance surrounding us


  • How to remove ourselves out of the way
  • How to overcome fear of failure and enjoy risk-taking
  • How to change our mindset from Delivery to Innovation

2) Understanding the internal and external elements influencing innovation and the competitive landscape

3)The process of business plan development

4) How to perfect the ‘entrepreneurial aspects’ of innovation in big companies

5) Internal and external networking and skill building

6) How to identify the ‘game changing’ innovation possibilities

7) How to rapidly and efficiently prototype, iterate and convert innovation into new product introduction

8) How to greatly enhance the ‘Ideation Funnel’

9) Additional topics as needed or required for any specific situation or organization.

We look forward to discussing the ProVoke Methodology with you further.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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ProVoke Interior Cover Innovation Types

Methodology E Observations B


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