LeBron & Curry – Great Athletes But More Importantly Great Leaders

Sunday, May 28 2017

Ultimatum OR A Mindful Strategic Plan?

Wednesday, May 24 2017

Data Science Is Not AI and It Is Not Machine Learning

Friday, May 12 2017

Coming Soon: The Inversion Factor

Wednesday, May 3 2017

Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Bixby: Headed for Collision or Success?

Tuesday, March 28 2017

IoT Consortium Insiders Newsletter: 3 Perspectives on the Intel – Mobileye Deal

Wednesday, March 22 2017

Podcast Interview with Gunter Media Group: Disruption and Innovation

Saturday, March 18 2017

The Shrinking Talent Pool in US Technology Companies

Wednesday, March 8 2017

Hate Crimes and Our Colleagues

Monday, March 6 2017

Let’s Talk AI: The True Buzz About AI

Wednesday, July 20 2016

Disrupting The Hiring Process AND HR – The Beautiful ART of HR!

Monday, July 18 2016

The Me! Economy™: Digital Transformation: From B-to-C to B-to-ME!™

Saturday, May 21 2016

WorkPlace 3.0: It Is About Inclusion, Not Diversity!

Saturday, May 21 2016

AR/VR Resistance. Why?

Thursday, May 12 2016

The Reality Of IoT vs. The World of Connected Things: The Same Or Different?

Thursday, May 12 2016

How to build a great company by blending bureaucracy and holacracy

Thursday, November 5 2015

Women, silence is not a virtue in the workplace!

Tuesday, May 26 2015

Gender bias or intimidation? Why sex discrimination isn’t business’s biggest problem

Monday, March 30 2015

China vs. Silicon Valley: Can the rest of the world keep up?

Monday, March 9 2015

You’re Either a Technology Business or You’re Out of Business

Friday, September 26 2014

Consequential Disruption

Monday, August 4 2014

Fantastic: Parallel or Sequential VC and Crowdfunding for
Start-ups and Older Start-ups!

Tuesday, July 15 2014

Have the Tech Giants Stopped (Seriously Slowed Down) Meaningful Innovation? And Why?

Monday, July 7 2014

Soccer or Football, Anyone???

Friday, June 27 2014

Disruption, Innovation And The Necessity Of Creative/Engaged Collaboration

Monday, June 2 2014


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This week as we all watch Game 1 of the playoffs between the Cavs and GSW, one thing is certain: We will be watching LeBron and Curry make magic. In sports like in business, it is all about HOW you […]

Regarding this article: IBM tells thousands of remote employees to come back to office or find new jobs No question that to build and sustain a winning corporate culture, it is better if people have face to face interactions. However, […]

Data Science is not AI and it is not Machine Learning: Here is what I am thinking about AI and the enterprise: 1. Almost on a daily basis I am meeting with, reached out by and running into companies that […]

Delighted to share The Inversion Factor with you. The Inversion Factor discusses the emerging architecture of IoT, the specific nuances and the evolution of a ‘Needs-First’ vs a ‘Product-First’ mentality/architecture & economy in the emerging Hyper Connected World.  We have […]

Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung & Apple: Pick up the pace of innovation please! Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Bixby: Headed for collision or success? With every tech company paralleling their efforts to introduce yet another virtual assistant- I had to pause today and […]

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