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11/17/2014 – Very excited to join IBM as Chief Innovation Officer, Cloud and Internet of Things. Great company and phenomenal journey ahead.
IBMSo, why did I join IBM? My history with IoT: I have been fascinated by and engaged with the Internet of Things, IoT (Internet of humans, everything, whatever) for the last 17 years. First at BBN where we designed some of the first IoT applications for the military (realtime, critical). Second from 2001-2006 with my start-up ConnecTerra Inc. where we were one of the first players to connect, authenticate, communicate and enable RFID deployments for enterprise IT. Third between 2006-2014 where I have been engaged with start-ups and enterprises enabling true IoT. And now at IBM engaged in building the vision and strategy of the future of IoT. What we will be building and enabling will knock your socks off and this is why I have joined IBM. The emerging Internet of all things. To make the impossible–>possible. IoT is far beyond the world of connected things, rather it is the defining paradigm of future computing. More on this soon. So, IoT and I have had a long term close relationship, and what the future holds for us is nothing like what we have seen to-date. Totally stay tuned as we greatly look forward to collaborating with all of you! Hint: It is all about Intelligent IoT!

So, why did I join IBM? Here are a few of the specific reasons why I joined IBM:
1. There are very few companies in the world with the depth and breadth of the technical capability that IBM has across the board. Touching upon all aspects of computing and now rapidly evolving into cloud computing, IoT, cognitive computing and much more…
2. My passion with IoT: Wikipedia states RFID as one of the earliest instigators of IoT, leading to true big data. In 2000, I founded my company, ConnecTerra Inc, in Cambridge, MA where we built the platform to enable large scale RFID deployments, the authentication model and partnered with the MIT to enable large enterprise deployment of RFID. I am thrilled to see our great journey in IoT at IBM and how we will define, disrupt and lead the IoT innovation journey!
3. There are very few who have changed so many aspects of technology as we know it today over a period of 103 years. You also know that I have a passion for complexity. IBM knows complexity.
4. Right out of grad school I had the opportunity to work with extremely bright thinkers at BBN as we solved uber hard problems. I am thrilled to be working with extremely smart thinkers at IBM. This allows for constant learning and being challenged-which as you know I love! How can we disrupt without challenging status quo?
5. As you all know I am fascinated about not only bold (out of the box) and large scale innovation, but equally so about the timely and effective EXECUTION of innovation. At IBM, as we define and execute IoT, Cloud and many of the critical emerging technologies. We will be changing the world and enabling the impossible to become possible.
That is why I joined IBM! To be a part of changing our world. I hope to work with you during this most exciting journey.
As we discuss in Provoke…Are You Ready?

Praise for Linda’s book “ProVoke”:

Linda Bernardi, a successful tech entrepreneur, was not satisfied with only being one of the drivers in connecting data and analytics with physical devices through RFID. Ms. Bernardi saw the forest, not just the trees. She saw wave of new information technologies that would not only revolutionize the way that devices are built and used, but the very way in which innovation is practiced. Large scale, vertically integrated organizations were not capitalizing on the network of technologies and the rethinking they offered – instead, Linda saw the world as it was: big companies were stagnating. So she went a step further – she studied the root causes. Read the rest of the review….


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Passion for Women in Technology & Business

Linda’s Passion, Story & DNA

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Find out more about Linda’s Story and why she believes disruption is part of her DNA.

Some Thoughts…

I recently had the most wonderful compliment from a student regarding ProVoke when he told me: “Wow- Prior to reading ProVoke, I never saw myself as an “entrepreneur,” but rather I viewed myself as an employee! As An entrepreneur now I think of disruption and innovation and I am constantly thinking of ‘what-ifs’ in my daily work… this has been game changing”.

You can see why this brought great joy to me! We are all active stakeholders in the Ecosystem of Disruption…we all have a lot to contribute and a lot to gain by active participation in the ecosystem. Yes, the hundreds of thousands of employees in global enterprises are fantastic innovators and entrepreneurs…they were hired because they were excellent in their respect fields and of course they are entrepreneurs and innovators…Let’s change the game and actively participate to disrupt and innovate together!

To my student I said with a huge smile: “Right on, you got it…You are an amazing entrepreneur and absolutely revitalize the culture and innovate much more deliberately, mindfully and actively!”

About Linda Bernardi

Linda Bernardi is an author, technology provocateur, entrepreneur/ex-CEO, strategist, investor, lecturer and board member. These combined functions enables Linda to have a true global perspective regarding cutting edge innovation around the globe.

Linda’s Brief Bio

  • IBM:
    As of November 2014, Chief Innovation & Disruption Officer at IBM.
  • Author:
    ProVoke, released November 2011, discusses the critical importance of global disruption in order to Innovate.
  • Provocateur and strategist:
    Linda’s technology strategy firm , StraTerra Partners, since 2009 has been engaged with large enterprises and in her role as strategic advisor, Linda advises and works with clients in major changes in innovation strategy and adoption of new innovations.
  • Entrepreneur:
    Linda’s core expertise and passion lies in Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and changes brought about the digital/social media. In as such, Linda functions as an entrepreneur in introducing new technologies in these areas to the market. Linda founded and ran her company ConnecTerra Inc in Cambridge, MA. In 2001 which was acquired in 2005, as the leading software company in the RFID arena.
  • Investor:
    In addition to being an angel investor throughout the US, Linda is one of the very few (only female) in the India Angel Network, invests in Asia as well as Europe, hence has real time and unique awareness of innovation stemming from other continents.
  • Board member:
    Linda serves as board chair, member, advisor in a number of tech companies as well as not for profits globally.

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