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May 2017: Hot off the press: My second book, The Inversion Factor, will be out October 2017 by MIT Press. Pre orders now open on Amazon. Stay tuned for an abstract coming soon. Read more HERE.

July 3, 2017: Alexa is not AI! Every day in tech discussions, someone will mention that they are so thrilled to have AI running in their homes. When excitedly I inquire what they mean, the response is always the same: Alexa of course! Wrong. My explanation HERE on the blog.

May 12, 2017:Data Science is not AI and it is not Machine Learning: Here is what I am thinking about AI and the enterprise: 1. Almost on a daily basis I am meeting with, reached out by and running into companies that are calling themselves AI and Machine Learning companies. Almost none are . Almost all are amped-up Data Science companies. None want to be called data science companies any more! 2. So, here is the scoop: finding patterns in large amounts of data, building re-usable libraries of patterns/trends (code), building a data science practice (no matter how elaborate), applying client 1 code to client 2, is different that deploying true AI. 3. Running your basic code on NVIDIA gear is not AI. NVIDIA is deeply reshaping AI in a major way! The key is if the machine (algorithm) is independently finding patters, is it thinking, is it processing? If no (which is most often the case in the current slew of companies) then that is not AI. It is not machine learning, unless the algorithm is learning on its own, iterating, improving, predicting. I love the energy and opportunity, but I want to see AI succeed in the enterprise. Come to my fireside chat with Danny Lange next week at IoT World for a true (busting the myths) about AI and machine learning…Totally hope to see you there!

May 9-11 2017:It is my great pleasure and honor to be presenting at Knect365 Boston Front End Innovation 2017 next week alongside Clay Christensen. We will be exploring the newest thinking around Disruptive and Transformative™ Innovation and how it applies to large enterprises and much more. I am also hosting the Chief Innovation Officer luncheon for a great brainstorming along with my CInO collegues. It will be a great event.

April 2017: Absolutely delighted to share the 2nd podcast done with Darrell Gunther which aired on April 1, 2017. This was a specific Q/A and discussion done about IoT. The podcast is available in iTunes HERE.

March 2017: Totally enjoyed spending time with Darrell Gunter of Gunter Media Group WSOU 89.5 FM, Seton Hall University. Our first interview was about disruption and innovation in corporations which aired on March 18th. Here is the link. Disrupt to innovate and lead with vision!

Our next interview discusses IoT today and in the future and will air on Saturday April 1st at 8 a.m. Stay tuned, will send out the link as soon as the podcast is ready!

Stimulating discussion, analysis and perspective on the $15B acquisition of Mobileye by Intel. What do you think? Read it HERE.

The ConnecTed World & I: I have been fascinated by and engaged with the Connected World known as Internet of Things, IoT (Internet of humans, everything, whatever) for the last 20 years. First at BBN where we designed some of the first IoT applications for the military (realtime, critical). Second from 2001-2006 with my start-up ConnecTerra Inc. where we were one of the first players to connect, authenticate, communicate and enable RFID deployments for enterprise IT. Third between 2006-2014 where I have been engaged with start-ups and enterprises enabling true IoT. And later at IBM engaged in building the vision and strategy of the future of IoT. My formal background in mathematics and analytics, has had me engaged in understanding and working with massive scale data, so that we can obtain mindful information from the Connected World.

My areas of interest fall into: IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Intelligent Robotics and the necessary Design Language required to make the future Connected world function mindfully. IoT is far beyond the world of connected things, rather it is the defining paradigm of future computing will be.

As an avid disruptor & innovator both in startups and big corporations, I am deeply involved in changing the landscape of computing in Enterprises. I wrote my book ProVoke, to answer the question of why innovation is so slow and conservative in large companies? How to succeed dealing with the inevitable resistance to disruption and how to bring successful Cultures of Disruptions to companies. Disrupt or Die is a reality that we all need to deal with.

I work with Fortune 100 companies in all the areas of innovation and disruption mentioned above, I invest in startups around the globe, speak at conferences where there is a real interest to disrupt to innovate, write for the Washington Post. Currently working on my second book, to be announced soon, discussing the key elements of the ConnecTed World, due out later in 2017. Stay tuned! Beyond all, I am thrilled to be collaborating with the key thinkers in the areas of AI, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Intelligent Robotics, Analytics and more around the globe.

On an average year I speak at, organize and participate in over 30 conferences spread across the world, discussing Disruption, Innovation and emerging areas of technology as well as how to build cultures to go from hype to reality in technology. Hence my focus is how to define, succeed in and implement ‘meaningful’ innovation in the emerging ConnecTed World.

Let’s Talk AI: The True Buzz About AI

Wow woman robot

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics on Tech St. right now – and why wouldn’t it be given the exciting advances being made? But in our conversations about AI, we’re getting ahead of ourselves and mixing up progress toward the goal with having reached that goal. I write this piece to share some thoughts with you about where we’re trying to get to with AI vs. where we’re at right now. I hope you’ll jump into the conversation! Read the full article HERE.

Quantum disruption in IoT –>IoD!

Intel Capital Summit

Loved the crowd and atmosphere at the Intel Capital Annual Summit last month in San Diego. Here is the video where I discuss the future of our ‘data’ economy. IoT or Internet of Data as I call it, is not just about collecting and analyzing data, rather, it is about how to transform the data into ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS that can mindfully impact our world of tech and beyond… When we start thinking in terms of zetabytes of data… it is all about how to think in terms of actionable transformation of insights in our massive shared data economy…

QUANTUM DISRUPTION – Fully describes the theme of my talk at the Intel Capital Annual Summit in San Diego, CA yesterday! An explosive 15 minutes conversation around the mega disruption in the Internet of Data space, and how we need to mobilize for the far bigger disruption ahead than just IoT… Full video available in a week. Great post talk conversation with clients and it is exciting to see that we are now globally ready to look at, understand, respond to and consume data in a very different way than we have until now. That is the power of the emerging Internet of Data, IoD…More soon…

August 2015: I wanted to share the following with you. IoE: Internet of EVERYTHING! Last week at IDF when looking at connecting gaming consoles and games, we started calling it IoG (Internet of Gaming). Then of course we have the Internet of Devices and things in Industrial and commercial setting. And above all, IoE, deals with Data… No matter what the end point, devices, things, gaming, social, other DATA is the main element that is transported, transacted and reacted to in IoE. So, I think netting it out IoD, Internet of Data is much more appropriate as it is ultimately all about the data…

Speaking of IoT and IoE (Internet of Everything) where data is the key commodity of interest, let’s think about the objective. Often I hear folks talking about ‘Connecting’. Connecting is a one-way transaction and if it is from the end point to a gateway or to a central node, that is what we already have in digitally connected devices. So, what is hot there? The key focus is for us to achieve NOW-TIME IoT vs Real time IoT. The transformation that IoT will enable us is not to simply connect things but to create bidirectional communication highways between ‘things’, ‘anything’ and end points, and between end points and create an entire communicating ecosystem. All in now-time. This is key in what we I am calling ‘Experience-Based-IT’ and spoiler alert: You will be seeing a lot of this coming from IBM. So stay super-tuned!

Why does Now-Time matter? Why is bidirectional and multi-endpoint-communication critical? The entire impetus behind experience-based IT is to immediately and instantly reach you while you are interacting with the endpoint to ENHANCE your experience… So, if you are interacting with your hotel, and that requires tons of multi-node interactions, while you are connected in what I call the now-time-mode, you want to have your experience enhanced (and so does the hotel in question and any/all other endpoints) and that is exactly what they want. Why? Once your experience is enhanced, you will want to buy more, spend more money, you will love your interaction, propagate your experience through your social channels and that is the power of experience-based IT. Today all of your vendors are concerned about your experience! More on this soon… As we are living in the most vibrant moment in IT in the last several decades. Finally, when we can do things with data that we always dreamed about vs archiving and storing away in the vault and doing analysis so late that it no longer matters.

Praise for Linda’s book “ProVoke”:

Linda Bernardi, a successful tech entrepreneur, was not satisfied with only being one of the drivers in connecting data and analytics with physical devices through RFID. Ms. Bernardi saw the forest, not just the trees. She saw wave of new information technologies that would not only revolutionize the way that devices are built and used, but the very way in which innovation is practiced. Large scale, vertically integrated organizations were not capitalizing on the network of technologies and the rethinking they offered – instead, Linda saw the world as it was: big companies were stagnating. So she went a step further – she studied the root causes. Read the rest of the review….

Linda’s Passion, Story & DNA

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Find out more about Linda’s Story and why she believes disruption is part of her DNA.


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